Biggest Plagiarism Issues in the History

Plagiarism happens when you use someone’ idea without giving him credit or citing his study in the content. This is a common problem among writers that give them a headache. It can be avoided by using citation and referencing to the original source of the idea, work or study. Below, check out the biggest issues of plagiarism in history.
Biggest Plagiarism Issues in the History

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Biggest Plagiarism Issues of All Time

  1. 1555: Martin Luther King, Jr. had the “I have a dream” scandal in one of his speeches. He was accused of a plagiarized dissertation.
  2. 2003: Saddam Hussein plagiarized a 12, 200-page declaration when he used UN’s reports in Iraq.
  3. 1846: Richard Owen was accused of stealing the discovery of dinosaur bones and he was Darwin’s greatest enemy.
  4. 2003: Tony Blair was accused of plagiarizing the “Dodgy Dossier” document and included even typos.
  5. 1922: TS Elliot plagiarized the wasteland and claimed the mature poets steal.

Finding plagiarism in student papers may sound same ridiculous, that’s why one need to keep an eye on that.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

  • Paraphrase: This is the method of reading the source and putting the idea into your own words. You will have to use quotation marks if you do use or copy two words together.
  • Citation: This uses style guides, including MLA, APA, etc. Cite properly to avoid plagiarism.
  • Quotation: Use the quote in the exact way it appears and do not change any word inside it. Avoid plagiarism by quoting properly.
  • Referencing: In your research, allot a page or two for listing the works cited in your research to avoid plagiarism. Include specific information on publication, author and so on.

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There you have the most controversial plagiarism issues of all time. You can avoid the same mistake by following the tip we have shared above. You can also get help from experts who know how to ensure that your work is not copied or plagiarized. There are also tools such as plagerism checker to use to check for any spots of plagiarism in your paper.

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