Is Plagiarism Detector Free for Teachers Is New Black?

A plagiarism detector is one of the most useful tools for teachers looking to find out if a work is original or not. It is used to tell them exactly if their student’s work is just copied online, all done through an innovative plagiarism detector free for teachers.

What Is the Use of Plagiarism Detector Free for Teachers?

Mainly, free plagerism check works to determine if a work is copied and pasted from sources and discourages students from using someone’s work without permission. Plagiarism, briefly, is the use of information presented by another. One useful tool used by teachers is Turnitin.com, one good free plagiarism checker for teachers that helps instructors discover any traces of plagiarism from their student’s essays, research papers and other written materials.

According to Randy Reddick, a professor and chair working at the Texas Tech Department of journalism, he heard that 70 percent of students in college had admitted that they had plagiarized at least once in their college life, during a convention during 2003. He added that another panelist replied to this statistic saying yes it was true and that the remaining 30 percent were all lying.

Plagiarism Checker for Teachers Free: How Bad Is Plagiarism Today?

plagiarism detector free for teachers

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A growing concern among teachers of today, plagiarism is becoming a plague among college students, mainly due to the emergence of the internet. But good news is that one plagerism checker is helping stop this new trend.

Turnitin.com is a known site and a branch of the plagiarism.org, where teachers and users can check work for plagiarism through uploading their work and then discovering their originality score.

The plagiarism checker for teachers free will return the results revealing how much of the work is copied, based on the highlighted portion users can see from the returned originality score.

An assistant professor of public relations, Liz Gardner, said that she knows about this site, where people could submit original works and then its database will store all these.Then, the site also functions by crawling into the web, including reports and journals, posted publicly on the internet. The teacher added that she uses this checker not to catch offenders but to encourage students to be honest. Finally, she added that she applauds students who remain honest and are able to resist plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker for Teachers—The New Black

By using plagiarism detectors, teachers are ensured of their students’ work originality. They don’t only promote good writing but they also encourage them to remain honest by not copying another person’s work. And indeed plagiarism checkers are the new black.

Use the plagiarism checker for teachers today!