James Bond, Secret Agent 007 or Plagiarism Detector for Teachers

Plagiarism detector for teachers is a great tool for checking and discovering whether or not students are plagiarizing online for their essays and research papers. Today, there is a growing concern among professors and teachers about the rampant plagiarism happening in high school and college and some of these exist in college papers, scientific journals and so on.

Plagiarism Checker Teachers to the Rescue

Sometimes, students not only copy ideas but they literally copy and paste scientific work and make it their own, a growing concern rampant with so much available data available online. The problem is that plagiarism happening today is a plague especially that it makes some scientists appears non-credible. The problem is threatening the system because original articles are being affected by those copied works. This is when you could use a plagiarism checker free for teachers.

To ensure you are not committing the same mistake in your work, you may want to start using plagiarism checker teachers that will help you detect traces of copying to save yourself and your paste to appear like you are a liar for copying and pasting someone else’s work and then submitting and claiming it to be your original work.

One of the tools for plagiarism checker for teachers free online to use is iThenticate, an effective editing tool that helped an editor in Elsevier in detecting plagiarism in a scientific journal. Although, it must be told that Google can also do wonders when it comes to spotting hints of copying and performing a plagerism check.

plagiarism detector for teachers

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What the editor did was to find similar texts, and she was surprised with the discovery. The possible article for copying was Review in Physics that had been submitted by three people, who might had intended to increase their publication rate.

The editors found it strange that this people submitted less than the page limit (15) of only 12. They continued checking looking to determine who the author of that certain chapter 7 they found with the similar sentence to the submitted work was. Finally, of all what they did to check, they found site repository for thesis and they found the chapter 7 of the same document. Unfortunately it was not the same author of those who submitted them the article.

Plagiarism Checker Teachers

This is only one of the cases of the many plagiarism attempts in scientific journals today, and thanks there are many plagiarism checker for teachers free online to check for duplicate work.

Use a plagiarism checker for teachers free online today!