Online Plagiarism Checker

List of Top Online Plagiarism Checkers 2020

Dupli Checker:

Dupli Checker provides various free tools among which ‘Plagiarism checker’ is a prominent tool. Detecting plagiarized content within seconds and suggesting detailed source of original content is possible through this versatile tool! With Dupli Checker, you can also check other tools like ‘anti plagiarism banners’!


Other than tools for Grammar and spell checks, Paperrater also provides effective tools for plagiarism detection! Paperrater claims to draw comparison of text with 10 billion documents and therefore the possibility of detecting originality and uniqueness of content is quite feasible.


Plagiarism.net is a free article checker for students, teachers, scholar, educators, scientist, essayists and many more! It is an important tool for professional writing because it helps in determining the actual relevance of your content via differentiating between uniqueness and duplicate content!

Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism checker offers a direct tool for checking the originality of content. You can simply add your content in the text box and within few seconds, this tool will generate detailed report. With Plagiarism checker, you can check a document, web page and research papers!


Plagium is a free search tool that enables plagiarism checking via web, news and social platforms! With this tool, you can check originality of 25,000 characters in one go. This tool offers the option of ‘deep’ search and ‘quick’ search. You can also set some advanced options for better clarity.

Plag Tracker:

Plag Tracker claims to be the most accurate plagiarism checking service where you can also get professional help for editing. The Free tool of this service is simple, convenient and user friendly. The ‘live daily stats’ feature explains the success and popularity of this tool among users.

Viper’ by Scan My Essay:

Viper software is available for free! This software is regarded for generating accurate reports that are detailed. The software takes its own time because the plagiarism report is correct and reliable. The experience of using Viper is easy and errorless! Viper guarantees peace of mind for students and professionals!


This online tool gives the freedom of choosing one method among the two prevalent ones; you can either upload your document (max. 300 kb, 1000 words) or paste your content in the text box directly. The first result will check for online sources. You also have the option of choosing deep search!

Plagiarism Detector:

Plagiarism Detector is a free tool that strives for checking the uniqueness of a document in the simplest way. This tool is as direct as possible; in an easy way, you can either upload content or paste it in the text box. This tool is helpful for enhancing your efficiency!


Plagiarism.org gives and overview related to the integrities and minute details related to the concept of plagiarism. The free tool is sponsored by write check that works with the aim of disseminating information as wide as possible. Through this service, you can also ask for expert advice!


As a service, iThenticate brings along a varied range of paid plagiarism detection software in affordable rates. There are more than 5 purchase options (starting from $50 to volume discounts) and you can choose one among those. For better clarity, this service provides detailed comparison among various functions.


Turnitin is a dedicated service for student learning, also striving for improvement in writing! This tool is helpful for checking paper for citation and plagiarism related concerns. You can also check grammar, spelling errors and major/minor mistakes through Turnitin.

Free online checker by Search Engine Reports:

This tool provides detailed plagiarism checking with some added feature. The tool offers the option of plagiarism testing in three forms; first through direct text, second through uploading URL and third via uploading text file. There a meter for adjusting sensitivity before you finally hit the report.

Plagiarism Test with ITS Seducation:

This tool is highly regarded for web based plagiarism testing! Therefore, you can begin testing in the simplest way of pasting your content or typing in the text box. This tool recommends putting text in double quotes for better clarity. The plagiarism test has a limitation of thirty two words!


The plagiarism detection tool powered by Grammarly is highly effective and credible in number of ways. It claims to detect plagiarism from 8 million web pages and offers instant fix services for general grammatical error and mistakes. Grammarly is renowned for extending free trustworthy tools.


Plagiarism tool powered by Dustball is a free simple online tool that is also available with premium version! This tool gives the freedom to upload word document for direct testing. You can also use the text box for typing or pasting content. This tool ensures ease in usage!

Plagiarism Checker X:

Plagiarism Checker X is specially designed for detecting duplicate content from research papers, blogs, assignments and websites. Within few seconds, you can actually detect the authenticity of content. This tool is also trusted for locating original sources and correct citations.


This online tool is powered by Plag Checker! Plagiarism checker claims to have extensive database with a multitude of printed and online sources. This is the reason that supports authentic reports, entirely free from duplicate content. This tool is good for accessing your paraphrasing skills!

Plagiarism Detect:

Upload your text file or simply copy/paste text in the box, ‘Plagiarism detect’ will generate detailed reports for your document within seconds. This tool is powered by Google and for using it, the user need to pass an anti spam check for generating credible reports.

SEO World 24*7:

Check duplicate content online with the help of plagiarism checker offered by SEO world 24*7! With better understanding of SEO techniques, this tool is a solution for wide online searches and deep information detection. Spot duplicate content, copied text and originality of text with this tool!

Plag Control:

Avoid plagiarism with the professional tool drafted for Plag Control; a tool dedicated to students! This tool allows plagiarism testing in three stages; through submitting text, signing up and getting free reports. If you are looking for a detailed list then you can also choose the pro version tool.

Copy Space:

Copy Space stands unique in the processes in of plagiarism detection! Here, you can find copies of your pages available online. Copy Space looks like Google search bar, where you can feed URL and hit go in order to search results. Copy Space is also available in premium version!

Copy Fence:

Use copy fence for protecting your website against plagiarism! Copy fence works like antivirus detecting software where you can keep a check in any possible threat. Through an easy, fast and reliable mean, you can use Copy Fence for added security in web experience.

SEO Web Tool:

SEO web tool presents a convenient tool for free plagiarism detection! This tool is powered by Google search engine and check articles for quick duplicate content detection. The ‘Check Uniqueness’ button in the tool helps in generating authentic reports that are based on originality feature.

Plag Spotter:

Enter the URL of your websites and check uniqueness with the level of plagiarism available over web! Plag Spotter will find page copies over web in order to determine the range originality in your online content. The user interface is simple, pleasing and inviting.

Write Check:

Write check works on registration! In order to use this tool, users need to register with the website for free uninterrupted service. Write check works in three simple steps; first is to upload paper, second is to compare paper and last is to review report. You can also improve you writing skills with this tool!

Essay Verification Engine:

EVE plagiarism detection system software, a paid version is highly regarded for faster testing of papers within quick seconds. You can get this software at $29.99 for unlimited usages. This software comes with a money back guarantee and is rather like a onetime quality investment!

DOC Cop:

DOC Cop is a plagiarism detection tool for creating reports based on originality of content, level of duplicate text and matching documents with web content. This tool gives the freedom of checking files with extension .DOC and .PDF.  The reports are detailed and easy to use!

Assignment Proof:

Assignment Proof checks for plagiarism in the finest way! It checks document through billions of publication, multiple languages and various file formats. This tool guarantees privacy and bags an award-winning service. Plagiarism checker is widely trusted by students and professionals.


Chimpsky detects plagiarism from text documents! This tool is regarded for Google driven searches that are detailed with power detection. For using this tool, users need to create an active account. This tool is maintained with the assistance of ‘University of Waterloo’.

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