Online Spell And Grammar Check Service

The Need for Correct Spelling and Grammar

If you are student and ready to submit your essay or even more importantly your thesis then you will be acutely aware of the need to ensure that your work is free of spelling and grammatical errors. One of the main causes of a thesis being rejected is not for the content of the work but for the use of grammar and simple writing issues that the student has overlooked.

If you have a professional job then you need to be able to impress your colleagues, your boss and of course your clients with your command of the English language. A report delivered to a potential client that contains many spelling and grammar errors is likely to tell your potential client that you are not able to pay attention to details.

Word Processing Spelling and Grammar Checking Packages

Most well-known word processing packages such as word have built-in packages that will check for spelling mistakes and grammatical problems. However these packages are very simple and will not pick up if you for instance misspell a word to create another “real” word, my most common misspelling is writing form instead of from; word will not highlight this as a problem as it does not see it as a mistake as the word is correctly spelt.

The other issues that I have with the grammar checking is that they are not very good at highlighting issues, if they do highlight something it can’t explain why it is a problem and how to correct it. So I find the grammar check facility next to useless.

Using a Free Online Spell and Grammar Check

An online grammar and spell check is where I turn for my needs; these facilities can quickly and efficiently highlight spelling mistakes and grammatical errors no matter what style of writing I am employing. The online spell and grammar check is capable of highlighting issues with my grammar for both technical writing conventions as well as academic and business requirements.

The dictionary employed is also far more comprehensive so words that I find are not included within my word processing package can be checked finally.  By using this online spell and grammar check I not only find myself catching mistakes that have been missed; I also have learned a lot more about how to use grammar correctly within my writing.

This service does not highlight what is wrong with my grammar it tells me what I need to do to correct it this teaching me how to avoid some of my common grammatical issues.

With our tool online spell and grammar check is a piece of cake!