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If you teach or you employ writers for websites, magazines, training courses and a variety of other reasons you will know how important it is to prevent any form of plagiarism. As on the contrary to custom writing, Plagiarism is where someone intentionally copies someone else’s work, often in a misguided attempt to save time especially in the case of the students that do so.

Students have access to so many documents via the internet that it is almost inevitable that they will at some point in their school career copy a whole document or a significant portion to save them time with a difficult assignment. This can often be spotted very simply if the style and quality is very different from what the student normally produces; however sometimes students are wise enough to find stuff to copy which is closer to their ability.

While with students copying mainly only causing harm to the student’s academic progress, copying in other areas can be far more serious; this is why you need a free anti plagiarism checker.

Plagiarism is illegal!

If you were to infringe someone’s copyrighted material you could find yourself in big trouble and liable for some sizeable damages. Imagine if you outsourced a training course and your contractor delivered you a beautiful all singing and dancing course that exactly met your needs. So you go out to the market and you successfully deliver your course to hundreds of clients until out of the blue an envelope arrives informing you that you have infringed on someone else’s copyrighted material and they want you not only to stop delivering THEIR course but to pay them significant damages and royalties for the use of their material. This is a court case you can never win, you may be able to negotiate the damages down a little by settling quickly but however you look at it you will be out of pocket in a major way; often these types of problems can bankrupt a small business. To cap it all, the writer has long since vanished as you only ever “talked” to him via email and his bank account details could have changed long ago.

Preventing plagiarism with a free online plagiarism checker.

The free online plagiarism checker from plagerismchecker.net will be able to protect you from any potential problems; it can quickly and efficiently tell you if the document contains any copied material. It will see if the document is copied in its entirety or even if just parts of it have been cut and pasted from other documents. I have known “writers” take a paragraph from each of several sites to create a “new” article.

This free online plagiarism checker will enable you to spot copied material no matter how clever the plagiarist may be.

Don’t take any chances, protect yourself today by using this plagiarism checker online free of charge; what do you have to lose? Nothing!