Useful Links

If you are interested in improving quality of your paper, check some useful resources that provide helpful editing and proofreading tips:

  • Plagiarism Guidelines – guidelines on how to avoid plagiarism effectively.
  • What Constitutes Plagiarism? – plagiarism guidelines with many good examples.
  • Paraphrasing and Summarizing – read how to get rid of plagiarism paraphrasing and summarizing your papers properly.
  • Paraphrasing Service – custom paraphrasing service that quickly removes plagiarism.
  • Paraphrasing Tips – learn how to paraphrase any document within a short timeline.
  • References.net – is a helpful database containing lots of multidisciplinary information.
  • Synonyms.net – provides you with multiple variants of the same word or phrase usage.
  • Editing Checklist – a great list for any editor that helps to check any paper quickly.
  • Quotes.net – use any citation or a quote to your work to spice your text up.
  • USZip.com – a useful resource with loads of demographic and geographic data.

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