Plagerism Checker

Checking for plagerism is a lot more difficult than you may think. Most people do not consider checking for plagerism to be an important part of their paper, and because of this many people get in trouble every day for plagerism. Here are 5 pieces of advice on how to best check your paper for plagerism.

Search Random Passages to Check for Plagerism with Plagerism Checker

One of the easiest ways to check for plagerism is to copy random parts of your paper and search them on the web. If you are wondering why you would have to check for this, the answer may surprise you: many people copy directly from their sources without even realizing it! It is very easy to paraphrase in some places and then accidentally write down information from your source’s word for word.

Look through Your Sources with Plagerism Checker

By reading through your sources very quickly, you may be able to spot places where you forgot to put something in your own words. Your paper is fresh in your mind, and by reading through your papers you are using an effective to perform a plagerism checker. You may spot an idea that you mistakenly used in your paper without citing, and by checking the source you are giving yourself an opportunity to catch a mistake before it is too late.

Make Sure Sources Are Properly Cited with Plagerism Checker

Read through your paper and look for all of the sections where you used a source. Did you use quotation marks? Did you put all of the direct quotes within the quotations? Is there a properly formatted in-text citation following the quote? These are questions that you should ask yourself when you are performing a routine plagerism check. Many people are incriminated for plagerism because they forgot to properly cite their sources! This should not be you, so make sure that you check every source that you use in your paper when you are doing your plagerism checker.

Compare Your Usage of Sources to the Actual Sources with Plagerism Checker

This is one of the more advanced ways to check for plagerism, but it is one of the most effective. If you do both of the above things then compare your paper and sources side by side, you are basically guaranteeing that you do not plagerise. It is very easy to make a basic mistake in writing a paper, and you should not be punished for something that is fixable. By making sure you are a plagerism checker, you should not have any issues!

Don’t Forget to Check

plagerism checkerThis is the most basic advice we can give you, but it is also the most important. Most people get in trouble for plagerism simply because they do not check their paper thoroughly to make sure they are in the clear. By making this a part of your paper-writing process, you will ensure that no teacher or professor ever accuses you of a crime you did not mean to commit. If you remember to do a thorough plagerism checker after every essay, you will stay trouble-free.

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