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For most bloggers, one of the top priorities before putting up something for publication online is NOT TO COPY. Perhaps, it’s good ethic to publish only original content, and in case you would have to publish something you derived from another source, you should give proper credit to it.

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Original Content with Free Plagiarism Scanner

Most writers, bloggers and website owners want to create something that they could call their creation, and for that to become possible, they have to make sure that the article they write are all original. However, some of them may be thinking of the cost of checking for plagiarism as Copyscape, the most effective checker costs money. Good news is that there are good alternatives online to use without costing you a single dime.

Copyscape Alternatives: Some Choices for Free Plagiarism Scanner

Small SEO Tools: Offering 100% open source plagiarism checker and free plagerism check, this is mostly used by bloggers and writers, and that the only thing they have to do is to copy and paste the text they want to check for plagiarism. In an instant, it would come up with the results.

PlagiarismChecker.com: This is a very simple to use free plagiarism scanner as well as SEO plagiarism checker as it does not require filling up a captcha code or signing up a form. All you need to do is to copy and enter your article onto the search box, and then it will locate for plagiarism in two major search engines.

Plagiarism-checker.me: Just like other good checkers, it allows you to copy and paste your text, or to upload your document for checking. The best thing about this is that it offers you with accurate plagiarism check as well as it also works without costing you any amount of money. This is completely effective and simple to use even to those without any technical skills.

Plagscan: This is another simple to use duplication checker, and all you have to do is to paste or upload your document onto the platform in order to check for hits. It also list down all the blogs and articles where your texts also exist. With it, you don’t also have to sign up before using it.

Use any of these Copyscape alternatives and detect any hints of duplication in your content. Choose among them and stick with the one you find most suitable for your needs and preference.

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