10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Good Content Checker

When you commit in the act of stealing someone’s content by copying the text, it is said to be as plagiarism. The content’s plagiarism can be found in many ways. Nowadays, people rely on various tools and software to make the content worth writing. It is definitely not possible to accept any written report or assignment that is not checked by a plagiarism software. Therefore, you can get variety of options online to detect plagiarism free.

However, not all of them are worth trying. You just need to make sure that chosen content checker is reliable indeed. There are no two views about few quite famous options when it comes to detecting plagiarism. Despite this fact, you should also be aware of the fact that some free plagiarism checking tools also provide up to the mark detection services of duplicate content.

Some Major Stats on Plagiarism You Didn’t Knew

Use of another person’s scholarly or academic work through an unacknowledged or unauthorized source is known as plagiarism. Either you do this intentionally or not purposefully, the plagiarism is said to be as unlawful and unacceptable act. Here are some important stats one must know about copying other’s content.

  • People are relying more on creating visual content nowadays. The plagiarism is done by almost 43% of the people in universities and colleges specifically in creating visual content.
  • Every seven out of ten people mostly show interest in copying few lines or sentences from other’s written content. However, not all of them write the exact lines indeed.
  • Do you know that 54% of the people who commit plagiarism are the professional employees who are experienced as well?
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Copy and Paste Checker: Why Is Good Content So Significant?

To avoid the piracy, people use different sources to create the unique content. There is higher importance of original content. If it won’t be significant, then people would begin copying the articles written by others. Here are some important benefits of having unique and original content.

  • Your website would get best search engine ranks by having the unique content. There is no chance of getting ideal search engine ranking by publishing the copied content.
  • The best plagiarism checker free students can save you from the problem of submitting plagiarized work. Do you know that 100% unique content in reports or assignments brighten up chances of securing good grades in specific subjects.
  • The unique text work also appeal readers and they can never find that such article has been written any time before.

Why Is It Important to Prevent Plagiarism?

There are many reasons to stop stealing the written content by others in your assignments. When you follow all the tips to prevent plagiarism, it is necessary to keep these points under consideration for best results.

  • Stopping yourself from copying the content can save you from any kind of insult or getting poor grades.
  • The well-written and uncopied content is ideal to generate more readers. When you grab more attention of the readers, it will be helpful to get positive word of mouth.
  • You can be able to do some self-branding of yourself through writing unique content. Any writer can sue you once catching you for being involved in such activities.
  • It is helpful to learn a lot and improving English writing skills. The good command on English language can help you out to grow your profession more.

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Quoting and Paraphrasing: How Article Checker Can Help You?

Do you know that adding quotations in the content can make it 100 percent unique? However, this condition is only specified for the academic reports and assignments. Therefore, you would not see use of quotation marks in the simple content writing. Quoting and paraphrasing are two important ways and alternatives of making content fully unique. Quoting is easier though. However, paraphrasing requires you to know about replacing apt words and creating proper sentences structure without adapting actual meaning of the content. A good article checker is definitely important for this.

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Webpage Checker: How Our Plagiarism and Grammar Software Can Help You?

We are offering the world’s best webpage checker for plagiarism, grammatical mistakes and proofreading. You simply need to use our software due to the following reasons.

  • The tool is free of cost. This means that you don’t need to think twice or thrice for checking uniqueness of the content.
  • Our tool offers the best experience of checking uniqueness of text work along with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors.
  • You would find our tool quite easier to use. The use interface is perfect that actually appeals users towards it.
  • Like any other paid software, we offer the quintessential quality content checking in terms of every aspect. In short, the final report by our tool would be readable and fully understandable.


We mostly are not aware of the fact that content’s duplicate checkers are highly useful if being offered from a trusted source. Therefore, you shouldn’t think many times before finalizing an option. As we’ve discussed it in this article, the best checker of plagiarism and grammar is all set to provide you error-free work without spending a cent. So, why would you go for buying premium services of checking content? The best way is to give our tool a try and stay with peace of mind. All you should do is to rely on our plagiarism remover and get the well-edited unique content with no hassle.

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